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      Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products


      Water-ring vacuum pump is mainly used in the process of rough vacuum, highy-volume extraction and widely used in the sectors such as chemical, petroleum and light industry department.
      It is mainly used to extract gas, transfer air and other gases.
      Especially in the use of extraction for large quantity of water vapor or condensable and corrosive gas.
      For example, distillation, concentration and drying in chemical industry, vacuum degassing and shaping in plastic products industry, drying in fur industry, vacuum concentration in beverage industry, vacuum dehydration in textile and paper industry etc.

      Reliable Operation
      Easy to use
      Strong durability
      Can extract for corrosilve gas
      Can extract gas contained with dusts
      Can extract gas-water mixture
      Can be indepently configured for Units use

      Main specifications:
      Model Pumping speed (m3/h)   Uitimate pressur ≤(Pa) Motor power
      Water Capacity
      Overall dimensinons
      SZ-20 20 4*103 1.5 2840 0.2 40 400*260*240
      SZ-40 40 4*103 2.2 2840 0.23 40 460*260*245
      SZ-63 63 4*103 3 2840 0.28 42 530*310*280
      SZ-100 100 4*103 4 2880 0.45 55 565*320*290
      SZ-160 160 4*103 7.5 2880 0.72 80 620*365*335
      SZ-250 250 4*103 7.5 1440 1.5 105 1255*500*655

      Vacuum Pump Related Products

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products