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      Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products

      Model X Single-Stage Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump

      It can realize pumping water vapor 14kg per hour,particularly suited to the working condition with a large number of water vapor.

      compared with the ordinary series of rotary vane pump, the pump has a strong ability to remove water vapor. Due to the large air ballast, the water vapor can be discharged, and the oil and water can be separated through the phenomenon of heat drying and absorption of the pump, and the water is released from the bottom of the gas-liquid separator.
      when the pumped gas contains dust, particulate matter, should be installed in front of the pump inlet gas filter.
      High-speed pump rate, good performance of gasballast.

      Model X Rotary-vane Vacuum Pump can be used alone as main pump or as booster pumps, diffusion pumps etc.
      Can be used for vacuum coating, kerosene, gas drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying and dehydration, vacuum metallurgy etc.

      Main specifications:
      Model X-100 X-150
      Pumping speed(L/S) 70 150
      Ultimate pressure(≤Pa) Without gas
      2 2
      With gas ballast 10 10
      Power(kw) 7.5 15
      Air inlet(mm) DN100ISO DN100ISO
      Speed(r/min) 400 345
      Weight(kg) 700 1100
      Water-vapour pumping(kg/h) 7 14
      Noise ≤dB(A) 75 85
      Oil capacity(L) 30 45
      Oil temperature(≤℃) 80 80
      Cooling water yield(≥L/h) 120 200
      Size(mm) 1554*854*972 1907*1008*1177

      Vacuum Pump Related Products

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products